Highway to Hel

Half flesh, half black-and-blue... She's a fierce one.

My first go at animation and video-editing and the likes.  Head-on over to artstation to see more pics and animations etc.


Deus Ex Children's Crusade

This is the official cover I made for Eidos/Titan's new comic series commin' out soon.

Larger version here :


Killin' Time

Killin' time on a lame Saturday afternoon.


Califat de Béziers

Forgot to post this here.

alt. version without the robo-backpack

*The text in Arabic was supposed to read "Caliphate of Béziers", I had to trust google translate for the accuracy on that. Ah well...
**The crumbling diamond up-top was inspired by a Tomasz Gawroński piece I rather fancied.