Annalee - Bring me their heads

Started out as a quick study at work of Annalee, hadn't done characters in months so when came a lull I figured I should get some practice in before I lose touch.  I came back to it later and added all the medieval-fieryness.

Bring me their heads...

I'm on vacation next week ! Thinkin' 'bout drivin' over through Halifax & Louisbourg to L'Anse aux Meadows.  Maybe ride down to Lake Placid later as well.


Pale Riders

Started out as some viking-skull dude and, well flames just happened really.  Boom : the Thirsty Bastard Club.



Wow, long time no post. Mostly been work, work, football & work lately.

Got recruited into two bands, though that seems rather rhetorical as neither have anything lined-up.  Recently went for a raid through the bookstores and realised, now that I've been working full time as a concept artist, I find myself missing my architecture work a little. Figures... The damned grass a ? Maybe I'll try to rustle-up some contracts on the side.

Assisted on a couple of shoots. Couple of shows from the boys up north, they flew over a band from Belgium for one, pretty good.  Some photo-shoots with Oro Malisani, (great girl) one of which at the Rockchop Shop.

Coaxin' ona my friends into gettin' himself a bike (and his license), with any luck we'll be ridin' down to Connecticut come September.

And in the mean time, here's an alternate-past praetorian-guard type get-up with layering options for the suit :