IDW#160 Charon's boat across the river Styx

Managed to crank this one out last minute for the Industrial Design of the Week over at ConceptArt (Charon's boat).

I reckoned it would be cool if the souls that couldn't pay their way would simply be thrown into the river. There they serve Charon, moving his boat across the river Styx, condemned to spend eternity under the surface of her waters. And so Charon needs no paddle, no punt, no other tool than the bell which he rings to call the helping hands of the dead. In this way the boat moves in complete silence, only the bell's toll can be heard from across the mists.

Drop by and gimme a vote ! : IDW#160


Doombots !

My entry for this week's Industrial Design of the Week (#158) over at ConceptArt. We were supposed to come up with a robot that had wiped-out an entire planetary population. So instead of goin' with the guns & missiles routine I figured it would be cooler to have these robots corrupt and brainwash the aliens into extinction, have annihilation insidiously come from within rather than from some blaze of fireballs you could actually confront.

Here's the link (gimme a vote if you drop by !) : http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=212850


GameArtsans Comicon & ConceptArt's EOW

Long time no post.  Busy with all sorts of, well pretty much useless bollucks...  Regardless, since the last post I've learned I pulled in second place in the GameArtisans Comicon Challenge (with my Old Man Lobo set), pretty damned sweet.  Unfortunately the advertised prizes have been dropped, I can't help but feel cheated.  :(  Still, must say I'm quite chuffed about it all.

I've also gone back to ConceptArt after a long absence and tried out one of their weekly challenges to practice my environments (don't get to do too many), and I pulled in for a tied first place.  Makin' progress looks like hehe

Couple of easily-spotted mistakes on 'er but in the end that's how you learn :