Nuclear Survivors

Went to see Motörhead a little over a week ago. The ol' man seemed a little shaky & so I figured I'ld paint this when I could line-up some spare time. (40 years of LOUD!)

...will survive the atomic holocaust

alt. version


Rite of Passage

Because I love Star Wars.
And I grew-up on Tatooine, literally.*

*depending on your point of view.


Bad Bart

Saw this bootleg Simpsons thing floatin' about and figured I'ld give it a go.  First thing that hit me of course was Biz's one and only Bad Boy, don't argue with a gut feeling, two knock-off's are better than one (?).  Always liked his gear and thought this was as good a time as any for a pastiche.

Had a week to do it after work with a dead computer at home so, I'll call this abandoned rather than finished, but here goes :


The Lord of Mercy

This is something I had abandoned. Went back to the folder and decided I should give it a work-over, try to get something out of it.


The Twins

Jarl Vader, Son of Muspelheim

My take on Lord Vader, transposed to the Viking Age.

In Norse mythology, the Jǫtunn Surtr (the black one) will lead Muspelheim's sons to Ragnarök. He will "ride in front, and both before and behind him there will be burning fire [...] Light will shine from [his sword] more brightly than from the sun." "In Surtur's grasp the Sword of Revenge blazes, adding a blood red colour to the twilight of the whole world." He will defeat all of the [remaining] Æsir (the "good guys"), his fire will burn all of the heavens and the earth, save for those that sought refuge in the woods Hoddmímis holt.

Son of Muspelheim

first draft/alternate version