Ka(th)erine Pass

Another lunch-time study.  I ended-up changing the lighting in a second sitting, added the Mauser, that type of thing.  The girl had the scarf in the ref which got me thinkin' 'bout the desert & growin' up in Tunisia, leading me to Kasserine Pass and, there you go.

Speaking of Tunisia, I've stumbled onto this Star Wars documentary on youtube this week. Over 7 hours worth, for a die-hard fan of the originals like me, this is pretty cool ;) :



Here's one for a laugh.  Don't seem to have much leeway to paint anything with humorous/cartoony overtones nowadays unfortunately.  Felt like it was time I dished out at least one caricature, get back into it some.

(Sorry Liverpudlians ;) )

And "Fuck the World if it Can't Take a Joke" by Dayglo :




The mrs got me Uncharted 3 a while back and I quite enjoyed it. I mostly travel to check out old buildings, castles, museums, specific artifacts, temples, that type of thing so the game reminded me of a lot of the places I've hit ramblin' on. I ended-up renting out the first two games from work and while rewatching Lawrence of Arabia I figured it'ld be fun to play with an uncharted-esque character of my own. Of course that meant a touch more “bike and pilot” in the mix heh. Might do a final version later, but for now here it be :

I'll often be goin' on about Vincents (there's a '49 Rapide for sale at the moment on ebay for a measly 42K£), but this time I felt like sharing an ol' French bike :
(Koehler Escoffier 1000 Monn )
200 clicks back in the day