Skechbook Scratchin's 02

Second instalment, a figure study this time.
Ref'ed from two pictures of the lovely Anna Lee from Suicide Girls.  I'm not sure about the second one but the major photo was taken by Lavezzaro.  *Internet : the poor-man's nude model ! ;) *

The sketch came out a bit dodgy with the scanner so I tried adjusting things a little in photoshop but didn't wanna spend too much time on it, so... It shows up pretty bad down the center where the spine of the book is.  Anyway...  I also added the quote at the bottom left (although the runes were inked by hand).  For those of you who don't read futhark, it says "Muninn", or "memory" (one of Wodan's ravens), followed by "every man is mortal" from the Hávamál.

There she be (acrylics, pencil & ink):

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