Game Artisans Comicon/DominanceWarV

Went to the Montreal Game Summit tonight with a couple of buddies from work : Nic Francoeur (check his gear out, it's worth it : avec la langue ) and mister "Padder", Michel Dinel (who turns out also worked with DJ Shwann, small world! : Triggerpad ), checked out the launch for Dominance War V.  I was hoping to participate but I have to polish-up an architecture contract by the end of the month on top of my day-job so I'm doubtful I'll be able to put in the time.  Bummer.  We'll have to see, maybe I can pull a miracle out of my rear-end.

And since this is an art blog and it would suck if I posted without sharing some ; art... I'm gona stay with the Game Artisans theme and post my model sheet + partial workflow sheet from their Comicon Challenge 2010.  This was my take on DC's Lobo with some extra years packed-on.  Apparently I've made it to the finalists list from which the judges will be choosing the head-honchos.  There has been some debate with the 3d choices and so I'm not sure how any of this will turn out (or if this will change anything for us 2d lads), but I'm pretty chuffed about having been selected, even if everything gets turned 'round later.

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