More Alloy Ash & Wattie's on the Horizon

You might remember the piece I did at the request of the models Alloy Ash  & Elara Blair  from my last post.  Well Alloy liked it enough that she had it printed out on canvas, framed & hung it at her place, and she even sent me a picture too !  Which I thought was cool so I figured I'ld share :

I'm still waitin' for my bike to get fixed after the accident, been almost two months now...  & my foot is still numb on the top and painful on the bottom, here's hopin' that clears-up soon.  Exploited are scheduled to play a show in Quebec City with Blood for Blood this October.  Last time Exploited were booked for a show here, the government turned 'em back at the border and cars got flipped and burned and chaos ran amok in our streets.  I've got my ticket.

Can you spot Dave with the garbage can ?
 (yes I know I've posted this clip before which is lame, but it's appropriate so)

And this one 'cause it's dedicated to my dog (almost).

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