Bike crashes, concept art and Elara Blair + Alloy Ash !

Sooo, I was run over by a van goin' to work on my motorbike a few weeks ago, great times.  The bugger turned left from the middle lane without lookin' and clipped me, got my foot tangled-up in the bike as well.  If it weren't for the cop who happened to be behind us pryin' my foot free from the metal I don't think I was gettin' loose from that one.  Don't remember the guy's name but lucky he was there really.

An extra three cop-cars, fire truck and ambulance later and the van-driver also ended-up with a reckless-drivin' ticket, apparently that went down well (ya).  In all the confusion I somehow failed to notice the batman sign up in the sky.

I'm pretty lucky considering : x-rays showed I managed to avoid any broken bones again, "you just have to wait through the pain"... Almost there now, and after having to sort a few things out, the insurance is gettin' her fixed so hopefully I'll be able to make up for lost time before the end of the season.

Speaking of bikes, my two current obsessions : 

::Lucky Monkey's kawasaki z750b::

::and "Vince" himself::

In brighter news I've been switched from illustration to the concept art team at work, pretty damn chuffed about that.  Can't post anything of course, but this is definitely good news.

I've also been asked for some artwork by two lovely models : Elara Blair and Alloy Ash (go check them out !!).  Finally made time to paint these ladies, and since I hadn't done anything "comic-booky" in a while I decided to feature them both in a made-up cover of my fancy :

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