Study 04 - Anna Lee 02

Another sketch gone awry : I liked the way the study came out so I kept goin' and put in a little extra time on it.  Still, finished it in pretty quick order, so I'm makin' some progress :)  Then again there wasn't much guess-work involved : the top part was ref'ed from a Dwam photo without much change (but hey to be fair this is a study so I'm not bothered).

For those of you (?) paying attention, yes this is AnnaLee from Suicide Girls again.  She said she liked the earlier sketch and wouldn't mind seein' more so I reckon if I'm learnin' somethin' and it makes someone happy as well, I'ld have to be a touch daft or spare not to oblige.

All digital this time (no head-aches with the scanning !)

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  1. great stuff man. AnnaLee is certainly inspirational!